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Today, members of Holy Cross see themselves as 'educators of the faith' with a 'preferential option for the poor.' This vision is carried out in its various apostolates both in the North-East and in the South in services comprising of parish ministry, educational institutions and hostels, evangelization, development programs for the people, psycho-spiritual ministry, and family ministry. Though Holy Cross is engaged in apostolates that are carried out by other congregations as well, what makes our ministry distinctive is the spirit that animates our ministries, a spirit that is inherited from our founder himself. Based on a vision of Union, the family spirit of Holy Cross expresses itself in its efforts of collaboration within itself (Priests, Brothers and Sisters) and with the larger community of the Church, i.e. Bishops, priests, lay-people and all people of goodwill. It also expresses itself in a hospitable disposition that is friendly, informal, and approachable to people.

If you are desirous of following Jesus and feel called to serve Him by being a builder of Unity in our diverse, multi-cultural and often fragmented society, we invite you to take your place is in the family of Holy Cross. You are WELCOME and are invited to contact us for more details as to how you could become a part of this international religious family. You may write to any one of the following Postal Addresses :

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