Reminiscences from St. Andre Parish - Bodhjungnagar

  • 12 Sep 2018
  • Administrator

Mariasango seminar at St. John's Church, Murabari: Two days Mariasango seminar for the women folk of the parish was conducted on 26th & 27th May 18, at Murabari. On the first day, the Seminar began with the inaugural ceremony, by lighting a Traditional-Lamp. Fr. Binoy John csc {PP}, Sr. Renu csc {Animator: Mariasango}, local Mondoli president and local Mariasango president lit the lamp. To enhance the family life of the participants, Sr. Renu csc gave a talk on the Holy Family, stressing the importance of Family prayer & faith formation of the children. In her input, Sister focused on the health issues, pertaining to women and children. On the following day, the faithful participated in the Sunday Eucharistic Celebration presided over by Fr. Michael V csc {Asst. PP}. Then began the animation work by Sr. Mary David FS {Secretary: Women Commission, Agt. Diocese}. In her talk, she helped the women become aware of many social issues and explained to the women the importance of responsible-parenthood. Most of them approached the Sacrament of Reconciliation. There were 52 women from different sub-centres of the parish. The seminar ended at 3.30 pm with a photo session.

Marian Procession: The month of May is the Month of Mary. As we know, in general, the faithful have an immense devotion to Mother Mary as they find easy to approach God with her. It was very much encouraging to see in the homes of our parish, the Holy Rosary being prayed daily. In St. Andre Parish, the Rosary is conducted in almost all the homes in the month of May. Most of the faithful were very faithful to pray the Rosary regularly in their homes {in small groups}. On 31st May, a Marian Procession was organized in all the Mothas / Mondolis by the faithful. Wherever the priest could go, the community had Holy Eucharist after the procession. Most of the faithful took part in the occasion with reverence and lit candles. They got enlightened themselves in their faith in God and devotion to Mother Mary.

Investiture ceremony cum Freshers Day: St. Andre H. Sec. School had its Investiture Ceremony cum Freshers Day on 23rd July 18. Rev. Simon Fernandes csc {Provincial Superior: Fathers of Holy Cross, NE} was the Chief Guest of the day, and Rev. Kanikkai csc was the Guest of Honour. The Class-XI freshers were cordially welcomed by Fr. Michael V. csc {Principal}. In the cultural program that followed, the SPLs and all the Committee Leaders took oath.

Feast of St. Thomas: The faithful at Yacharai {one of our sub-stations} highly honoured the Patron of their village St. Thomas {the Apostle}, on his Feast Day {3rd July}. Rev. Binoy John csc {PP} presided over the Festive Eucharist, urging the congregation to be rooted in their faith and faith-practices.  

Youth Adoration - A Day with the Lord: Youths from different sub-centres of St. Andre Parish gathered at the Mission Centre on 11th July 18 to be with the Eucharistic Lord in prayer and worship.  Rev. Binoy John CSC {Parish Priest}, along with Mr. Anando {Catechist} led the youth into the realm of prayers, Praise and worship, confession and the Holy Eucharist. It began at 9 a.m. and ended around 4:30 p.m.  40 youths participated and gained spiritual energy through prayer and sacraments. The youth were indeed happy, and acknowledged the marvelous things God has done in their lives.