Province Annual Assembly 2024

  • 06 Jan 2024
  • Administrator

The annual assembly of the Congregation of Holy Cross in the Province of Northeast India was held from January 5th to 6th, 2024, marking a pivotal moment for reflection, collaboration, and strategic planning.

Activities Reports:

The assembly began with detailed reports from various entities within the congregation, showcasing their impactful work in the region.

1. Holy Cross Northeast India: Members celebrated successful mission work, community outreach, and pastoral initiatives. The report reflected the congregation's commitment to serving diverse community needs.

2. Holy Cross Educational Foundation: Updates highlighted educational programs, scholarship distributions, and academic achievements. The assembly emphasized the importance of education as a tool for empowerment.

3. Holy Cross Family Ministries: Comprehensive reports covered family-oriented initiatives, spiritual development programs, and community-building efforts. The congregation's commitment to fostering strong family bonds was evident.

4. Moreau Institute of Integral Training: Insights into training programs, workshops, and educational advancements showcased the congregation's commitment to holistic member development.

5. Holy Cross Association for Social and Human Advancement (ASHA): ASHA's report focused on healthcare initiatives, medical camps, and community health education programs, addressing crucial social and human needs in the region.

6. Holy Cross Formation House: The progress of new member formation and ongoing training programs emphasized the congregation's dedication to nurturing future leaders.

Financial Overview:

A transparent financial report provided insights into the congregation's financial health, budget allocations, and resource management strategies, ensuring accountability and sustainability.


The reports collectively demonstrated the positive impact of the congregation's activities on communities, whether through mission work, educational initiatives, family programs, or healthcare services. Successful collaborations with local organizations showcased a collaborative approach to community development.

Future Initiatives:

The assembly concluded with forward-looking discussions, outlining goals and strategies for the upcoming year. The congregation affirmed its commitment to evolving and adapting its programs to meet the changing needs of the community.


In conclusion, the annual assembly of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Province of Northeast India, was a momentous occasion filled with reflection, celebration, and strategic planning. The congregation's dedication to its mission of service, guided by the principles of compassion, education, and community engagement, was evident throughout the event.

The congregation expresses gratitude to its members, volunteers, and supporters for their unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in Northeast India.