Borgacia Church inauguration, Bodhjungnagar Parish

  • 07 Mar 2016
  • Administrator

On 27th of January, the Blessed Mother Teresa of Kolkota Church at Borgacia was inaugurated by Rev. Fr Suresh Kagoo, CSC and blessed by Most Rev. Lumen Monterio, CSC, DD, the Bishop of Agartala. Rev. Fr. Robert Mathias, CSC and the representatives of the Sisters´┐Ż community were also present. The representatives from all the Mothas/villages faithful were present who had contributed to the completion of the church. There were around 200 people for the inauguration and Holy Mass. Rev. Fr. Binoy CSC, the Parish Priest, appreciated and thanked the people for their generosity and the hard work. The programme came to an end with lunch at Thanks be to God for His marvelous deeds.