25 Years of Priestly Ordination and Religious Life

  • 06 Jan 2024
  • Administrator

In a joyous celebration, the Congregation of Holy Cross commemorated the remarkable achievements of four esteemed confreres, marking 25 years of dedicated service within our spiritual community. We reverently honored the Priestly ordination anniversaries of Fr. Pinto Paul Kalapuracka and Fr. Shaji Mandapathikunnel, extending heartfelt congratulations for their quarter-century commitment to spreading love, compassion, and faith. Concurrently, we celebrated the silver jubilee of religious life for Fr. Sijomon Joseph Pynappallil and Fr. Bobby John Thelliyankal, acknowledging their steadfast devotion to the principles of the Congregation of Holy Cross. These confreres were beacons of inspiration, embodying values of community, education, and social service. As we hosted special events to commemorate their exemplary journeys, we invited the congregation, friends, and well-wishers to join us in expressing gratitude and celebrating the transformative impact of their service. Together, we honored the collective achievements of these four individuals whose unwavering dedication enriched our spiritual community and guided countless others on paths of faith and service.